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 Coverall Carports offers many styles in carports, garages and metal buildings. Sizes range from 12 X 20 up to 40 X 64.  The most common is our regular with rounded tops and wrap a round sides. Double truss system or a-frame styles are available also along with flat roof styles.  Our pitches are on an aprox. 3 and 12 roof pitch meaning that each foot you go out, you go up 3 inches. Example: 18 by 20 has a standard leg size of 5 ft (almost 6 ft wall height) with a center peak of 2 ft and 3 inches higher than low side
 We also offer Triple wide garages and metal buildings. These use a a-frame or double truss system which is necessary for wider sizes. Check out our newest products. 3 bay carports and also boxed eve car ports and buildings .

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A-frame style

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Double truss carports are totally different and can span up to 40 feet in some areas click here

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(most coverage for the $$$)

Double truss frame truss carports are totally different click here

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Our newest product! 3 bay carports

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